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Engage and Learn why we feel, LIFE IS SALES and we can absolutely help you grow in your Sales or Leadership Career.

Want to be successful in sales?

The road to success is always under construction. Map out the best route with the help of a proven sales leader with over thirty years of experience.

Tom Bloomer shares his insights into how to succeed in sales. His 21-day roadmap will help you build the daily habits to not only find your path, but take the steps necessary to excel and prosper along it.

Each chapter is designed to encourage you to commit to that extra degree of effort to invest in yourself and your future along this rewarding and personal journey. Day One begins now…

“You don’t get great at sales in a day, you get great at sales day-by-day. Teach Me Sales is the daily formula that puts you on the path to a lifetime of selling success. Buy it. Read it. Implement it!
Jeffrey Gitomer,
author of The Little Red Book of Selling
“Teach Me Sales is an engaging, entertaining and enlightening book. Tom Bloomer shares his gifts of storytelling, humor, habits, processes and encouragement to guide you to become a complete, successful salesperson. Invest five minutes a day for twenty-one days and enjoy your sales and personal growth. You can do it!”
David Cottrell,
author of Monday Morning Leadership and Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog and Get Lucky
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About the Podcast

OK Boomer, Teach Me Sales promises to be a lively, fast paced, fun and informative Sales Podcast. Filled with storytelling, tips and best practices that will help you navigate your career in sales. Produced by a proven Sales Leader with an amazing team of successful and engaging weekly guests and contributors, all motivated to help you succeed.

4 reasons why this show is for you.

1. If you are looking to grow and improve your sales ability.

2. If you are just starting in sales, or a new sales role.

3. If you desire a path into sales management.

4. If you are a veteran sales pro always looking to learn more.

This show will be entertaining and rewarding for you.

Not familiar with the saying, "OK BOOMER"?

Ok Boomer is a viral internet slang phrase used often in humorous or ironic manner, to call out or dismiss out-of-touch or closed-minded opinions associated with the Baby Boomer generation and older people more generally. Listen for yourself as our group of Boomers’ share why we feel? Top sales skills and behaviors absolutely have stood the test of time. Proven techniques and ideas taught to us 30 years ago by the Boomers of our generation are still fundamental to your sales success today. Our shows title illustrates our goal in sharing these with you in a relaxed and enjoyable format. Life is Sales, let’s enjoy it together.

Meet Your Hosts

Tom and Kelly Bloomer, Hosts

Our first date was back in January 1984. We went to see Stephen King’s Christine at the AMC theatre in Marlton, NJ. While Kelly hid her true passion for Popcorn, we knew we had found something special. We were married in 1987 and are proud parents of our two adult children, Ryan and Kayla. We have followed them to our new home in Apex, NC and look forward to enjoying all the adventures God has in store for us.

We look forward to sharing and growing with all our listeners. If you would like to know more about us, check out our website: BloomerAssociates.com

Featured Contributors

Andrew Frazier Bio Picture

Andrew Frazier empowers business owners to Maximize the Value of their companies by helping them Grow Revenue, Increase Profitability, and Obtain Financing.

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Dr. Holly Bio Picture

Dr. Holly Sullenger is an award-winning, highly sought-after corporate speaker, corporate trainer, facilitator and consultant. She specializes in providing such services in the areas of  leadership, professional  development and technology.

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Alex Bio Picture

Alex Sheridan

I transform Founders and Business Execs into Revenue-Generating LinkedIn Content Creators

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Mary Grothe

Mary Grothe is a former #1 MidMarket B2B Sales Rep who after selling millions in revenue and breaking multiple records, formed House of Revenue™, a Denver-based firm of fractional Revenue Leaders who serve companies nationwide by profitably rebuilding their marketing, sales, and customer success departments by getting to the root of their revenue problems, rebuilding infrastructure, developing talent, implementing RevOps, and holistically scaling their revenue. 

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Larry Prince

My passion is helping businesses find a path forward to achieve targeted growth goals. I combine my deep experience as a business strategist, sales leader, performance coach and leadership advisor to pinpoint a specific plan for growth. As a trusted advisor, I apply creative ways to help teams solve critical business problems, make tough decisions, navigate uncertainty and build stronger sales teams. My interests extend to chasing our daughter around the globe, staying fit, community service and dreaming of playing centerfield for the NY Yankees.

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Berry Cohen

Barry Cohen

For over 40 years, he has devised and executed plans to drive traffic and sales
for emerging brands of consumer products. Leveraging smaller budgets to produce a big impact against his clients’ well-funded, well-entrenched competitors, his track record speaks for itself. Barry holds a B.A.in English/Speech-Theater cum laude from Kean  University in NJ.

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Larry Long, Jr

Larry Long Jr is the Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks. He is also the Founder and CEO of Larry Long Jr LLC, which focuses on sales motivation, inspiration, training & coaching.  

His areas of experience include Sales Training, Team Development, Leadership, & Motivation within organizations of all stages (start-up to publicly traded). Practicing what he preaches, Larry continuously seeks opportunities to learn & grow.

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Ken Pearson

Ken defines himself as a human advocate and HR nerd. Having endured 30 years of HR and corporate restraints,  he recently transitioned from an intrepreneur to an entrepreneur; helping organizations successfully achieve results through operatively developing and recognizing full human potential. 

He believes the keys, to fully releasing human potential, are through unconventional ways of addressing; coaching, consulting, L&D, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, and thought leadership. 

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The Lou Everett Group

As seasoned leadership coaches and trainers with over four decades of combined experience we love serving people and companies throughout their growth transitions. Regardless if you are a solopreneur or at the C-Suite level, Leadership is Influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Anthony Pantaleone

Anthony has over 30 years of experience in the behavioral assessment industry, and his extensive career spans across the disciplines of channel partner management, consultative sales, and strategic account management. He is an individual that is dedicated to constant and never-ending improvement, so he can add value to his clients, colleagues, and the communities in which he serves. Anthony has worked with many organizations across diverse industries around the world.  He leverages his certifications in many behavioral assessments, along with his passion to utilize workforce information to empower clients, to achieve better business results, and help individuals contribute at the highest levels.

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Mitchell Beinhaker

Mitchell C. Beinhaker, Esq. is a corporate attorney and business advisor who runs a solo legal/consulting practice representing business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. Throughout his career, Mitchell has handled business development, marketing, firm management, along with commercial transactions for business owners and entrepreneurs. He has extensive experience with corporate governance, commercial transactions, real estate and
risk analysis. Through his 25 years of practical experience, he drafts contracts, negotiates purchases and can manage outside counsel for any corporate situation.

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Katie Mullen

Katie Mullen is the host of the Golden Rule of Selling Podcast, and founder of Mullen Medical Sales (MMS) Consulting, which offers a unique approach to prospecting and cold-calling, based on extensive customer research.  She trains sales teams on how to break into competitive accounts, and the techniques taught in her course have been proven to show results such as exponential funnel growth, increased comfort in seeking out new customers and most importantly, increased sales.  Prior to founding MMS Consulting, she was truly in the trenches, selling for 15 years in various industries including medical equipment, online media, insurance, market research, fund-raising, and events marketing. 

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Jeff Goldstein Bio Picture

Jeff Goldstein

Jeff is founder of SalesLeadersOnly.com and creator of the WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE sales leadership training program. He helps Sales Leaders in technology  INSPECT their Pipelines, ASSESS the Quality of their Sales Campaigns and COACH their teams to help Accelerate their Big Deals.

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Marcus Chan

Marcus Chan is the Founder of Venli Consulting Group. He helps B2B sales professionals sell more and sell better without needing years of experience through his coaching and training programs. Marcus is an executive member on the Forbes Business Council and has also been featured in Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, NBC, and as a LinkedIn Top Voice for his results.

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Scott Leese

A 6x Startup Sales Leader & author of “Addicted to the Process”, Scott is the founder of both Scott Leese Consulting and The Surf and Sales Summit. Scott is a Strategic Advisor to companies around the world and was recently named one of the Top 25 Sales Leaders to know by Crunchbase.

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Brian Hamor

Former professional basketball player in Ireland and Spain. Brian is a Co-Founder of Playeasy and Account Executive at StorySlab. Brian’s passion and focus is on early stage SaaS sales. In today’s noisy world with thousands of options, it’s easy to buy but tougher than ever to know what technology is the right fit for your business. As a company and sales rep, how are you making it easier for the buyer to buy?  

Sam Shepler

Sam Shepler is the founder and CEO of Testimonial Hero. 150+ B2B revenue teams at UiPath, Medallia, InsightSquared, and many others use Testimonial Hero to easily create video testimonials that engage prospects, reduce friction in the sales cycle, and close deals faster. Sam’s mission is to enable all organizations to grow faster with video testimonials.

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Richard Nichols

Adaptable sales and management professional with over 25 years’ experience and a proven knowledge of account development, solutions selling and direct response marketing.

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Eric Graybeal

I am born and raised here in Jacksonville, Fl.  I grew up in Neptune Beach and now reside about 15/20 minutes south in Ponte Vedra. I have been with Mint Magazine (Clipper) for going on 17 years this Fall.  I manage a team of 3 directly, and 12 indirectly, alongside Ken Moody – my divisional  director.  My hobbies include golf, working out and staying fit, working outside in the yard, and travel.  

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Prateek Mathur

Prateek Mathur

‘More than celebrating my wins and learning from my losses, I am invested in grooming future leaders to be the best version of themselves. As an individual contributor, I was part of the Top 1% of a 10,000+ employee organization. This continued performance led me to the management path in 2005 and guess what? I failed miserably the first time around! Selling yourself and managing sellers are two completely different skill sets! It takes years of trial and error to get leadership right.
This shouldn’t be the case!

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